The Rio Network Growth subDAO is responsible for driving awareness, adoption, and usage of the Rio Network protocol, as well as ensuring sufficient liquidity for reETH, $RN and other products. The Growth subDAO then submits governance proposals based on these duties to the RioDAO for vote and final approval.

The Growth subDAO also holds at least one funding account that can receive funds via proposals to the RioDAO. These proposals and transfers from the RioDAO are used to fund initiatives the subDAO wishes to pursue. In the event that the RioDAO wishes to receive the funds back from the subDAO, a clawback can be initiated.


The Growth subDAO consists of 3 to 5 members who are experts in marketing, partnerships, liquidity management, developer relations, and community building in blockchain. Members shall be elected by a vote of $RN token holders.


The subDAO shall make decisions via majority vote of its members. For decisions with major budget impacts, the subDAO shall make proposals to the broader RioDAO governance process for ratification.

Treasury Deposits and Withdrawals

The RioDAO controls a treasury consisting initially of a portion of the $RN token supply.


The mission of the Growth subDAO as far as it pertains to liquidity is to make reETH and $RN sufficiently liquid.

The subDAO will negotiate CEX listings and design DEX liquidity incentives. In addition, the subDAO will manage protocol-owned liquidity (POL). Also, evaluations will be made for CEX/DEX market maker relationships.

Network Growth

Finally, the Growth subDAO is naturally responsible for growing the Rio Network as a whole.

This pertains to everything from exploring DeFi integrations, recommending deposit incentives and retrodrops to pursuing reETH listings in dashboards and DeFi data providers. An additional consideration is made to grant programs and investigating other growth opportunities.

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