Operator Delegator

Operator Delegators are contracts (RioLRTOperatorDelegator) deployed by the Rio Network protocol. They delegate staked funds to underlying Operators and provide an interface for managing interactions between the Operators, EigenLayer, and the Rio Network protocol. The Operator Delegator contract exposes necessary EigenLayer functions, such as verifying the withdrawal credentials against an EigenPod and scraping ETH rewards from an EigenPod.

The staking functions that deposit funds into EigenLayer also reside in this contract. Due to the existing design of EigenLayer, each Operator Delegator must allocate its entire deposit balance to a single Operator. Additionally, the Operator Delegator contract allows for the queueing of withdrawals from EigenLayer.

Operators are restricted to using delegated funds for white-listed AVSs. With the future integration of slashing, anyone will have the ability to opt the Operator Delegator out of any AVSs that the underlying Operator has registered for, but which are not included in the AVS registry. This mechanism enables the Rio Network protocol to more effectively regulate the subset of AVSs that have been thoroughly vetted, while also protecting against Operators accidentally or intentionally opting into to an unapproved AVS.

These contracts use the Beacon proxy pattern, which allows all Operator Delegators to be upgraded in a single transaction.

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