Deposit Pool Rebalancer

To facilitate deposits into EigenLayer and to process 1-day withdrawals from the Rio LRT, there is an automated process that is run called the Deposit Pool Rebalancer. This function is called via the Coordinator.

The Deposit Pool Rebalancer has the following workflow:

  1. Withdrawal requests are chunked into epochs. An epoch is the time between rebalances, typically 24 hours.

  2. When a rebalance occurs, the withdrawal queue will be checked for all pending withdrawals during that epoch.

  3. The epoch will be settled. If the amount of shares in the Deposit Pool can fund all of the user's withdrawal requests then the withdrawal(s) can be claimed. In this scenario, users had to wait only 1 day before they could claim their withdrawal funds.

  4. If the amount in the Deposit Pool can not fund the sum of the user's withdrawal requests, then the full withdrawal will be queued for redemption from EigenLayer. The withdrawal(s) will have the full 7-day EigenLayer withdrawal delay.

Quick 1-day partial claims are not supported if there are insufficient funds in the Deposit Pool. In this situation, withdrawals can be claimed after the full 7-day EigenLayer withdrawal delay.

Rebalancer Epochs

Epochs containing withdrawals can have three separate states:

  • ACTIVE - The epoch is currently accepting withdrawals.

  • QUEUED - The epoch is no longer accepting withdrawals. The Withdrawal Queue had to request funds from EigenLayer and is currently waiting for those funds.

  • SETTLED - Funds are available in the Withdrawal Queue and users can claim their funds.

Multiple withdrawal requests in the same epoch (24 hour period) from the same user and for the same asset will get batched together and require only a single claim by the user.

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