Holesky Testnet dApp

Funds are claimable within 24 hour after requesting a withdrawal on the testnet.

When we launch mainnet, your funds will be available either within 24 hours or 8 days depending on the availability of funds in the deposit pool for your redemption.

Thank you for helping to test an early draft of Rio Network.

Take notes on any aspects of the application that are difficult or confusing and share it in the Rio Discord.

Rio values your feedback! Every bit of feedback we'll read and consider. Feel free to fill out a simple testnet feedback form over at TypeForm or dive into the Rio Network Discord.


  1. A Web3 wallet (browser, desktop, mobile) that supports the Holesky testnet.

  2. Assets on the Holesky Ethereum testnet. Specifically, you'll need ETH (on this testnet it's commonly known as hETH.)

  3. Willingness to provide feedback and dive into early technology.

Connecting to Testnet

Connect your web3 wallet to the Holesky testnet (ChainID 17000, 0x4268) before performing any transactions in this guide. Connecting to any other network may result in loss of funds.

Your wallet may have a Switch Network button with the Holesky testnet already listed; if not, you may need to change your wallet settings to show testnets.

Alternatively, Holesky testnet can be added to many wallets by connecting your wallet to Chainlist and selecting “Add to Wallet” for Holesky (ChainID 17000, 0x4268) here.

Testnet Assets

The application can be tested with very small amounts of Holesky testnet assets. Holesky testnet ETH is required. If you have other assets, you'll need to convert them into ETH.

Please do not ask for testnet assets in Discord. Instead, acquire some Holesky testnet ETH from one of the following faucets. Note that each faucet has different requirements and you may need to try multiple faucets to receive testnet ETH:

Testing the App

Try all aspects of the depositing ETH into Rio Network to receive reETH.

Next, try redeeming reETH for ETH.

Inspect your transaction history in the History tab.

Make note of steps or interface elements that are confusing and any information that you believe is missing.

Providing Feedback

Ask questions and provide feedback in the Rio Network Discord.

Rio also has a Typeform feedback form that's available.

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